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I'm an explorer, forever curious.  I find things and see the world in ways I've learned others do not and that is what makes me different. I doubt you care about my favorite gelato flavor or where I went to college but I will say I am obsessed with French Bulldogs and I own a sweet, fuzzy bunny named "Binky." 

My love of Italy started in 8th grade when I begged my parents to let me study Italian.  My crazy parents allowed me to study abroad in high school, all alone, in Sydney, Australia for a year.  My wandering took me further to study in the Netherlands, work in Switzerland, head to France and the Canary Islands and spend years and years in Italy.  Italy fulfilled my wanderlust and I spend my time finding unique wedding venues and gorgeous hotels and hidden corners to send my couples for their dream wedding. Along the way I graduated with an Italian degree, learned fluent Italian and even earned a law degree.

hello. I'm Johanna.


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I believe the marriage is greater than the wedding day